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GitHub - bootandy/dust: A more intuitive version of du in rust.
All these folders are inside steam so if you delete steam all that stuff will be gone too. Usage: dustUsage: dust dirUsage: dust dir another_dir and_moreUsage: dust -p full-path - Show fullpath of the subdirectories Usage: dust -s apparent-size - shows the length of the file as opposed to the amount of disk space it uses Usage: dust -n 30 shows 30 directories instead of the default default is terminal height Usage: dust -d 3 shows 3 levels of subdirectories Usage: dust -r reverse order of output Usage: dust -X ignore ignore all files and directories with the name 'ignore' Usage: dust -x only show directories on the same filesystem Usage: dust -b do not show percentages or draw ASCII bars Usage: dust -i do not show hidden files Usage: dust -c No colors monochrome Usage: dust -f Count files instead of diskspace Usage: dust -t Group by filetypeUsage: dust -e regex Only include files matching this regex eg dust -e png$" would match png files.
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Dust is The Sci-Fi Division of. independent studio gunpowder Sky. DUST reaches passionate sci-fi fans across all social channels, a flagship podcast and a linear free-to-view OTT channel, exploring the future of humanity through the lens of science and technology.
Eye and Face Protection eTool Selecting PPE for the Workplace Dust Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
Either eyecup or cover-type safety goggles should be worn when dust is present. Safety goggles are the only effective type of eye protection from nuisance dust because they create a protective seal around the eyes. Personal protective equipment devices for dust hazards.:
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User reviews 42. After having read some reviews of Dust I was not sure if I wanted to see it or not. However, the David" Wenham infatuation" prevailed in the end, and I went as far as to actually purchase the film.
Dust Detect.
Dust detection devices continuously monitor particulate emissions through an air filtration system and alert when levels meet a predetermined threshold, thereby detecting levels of particulate matter that exceed regulatory standards and potentially put employee health at risk. They are commonly used as a broken bag detector in bag houses and to detect leaks or excessive particulate matter in cartridge filters, bin vents, and cyclones.
Laserlith i-dust.
I Dust Video presentation. Laserlith i-Dust, 30W Holmium YAG: laser. Please fill out the form to know more about Laserlith i-Dust device. Laser i-dust is not available for distribution in France, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia as EDAP TMS is the exclusive distributor of Lumenis Holmium Lasers in these territories.
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Dust 2000 - 2020. A body of work from the first twenty years of a small creative practice based in Sheffield. As such it marks the end of one thing and the beginnings of something else. A sum of its parts, we take this opportunity to document outputs along with practitioners and collaborators.
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By studying how dust absorbs, emits, and reflects light, astronomers do know that interstellar dust is much different than the cell and lint based dust, found around a typical house. by Colten White. Even dust can appear to be stars in the right light.
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air filter - airborne particles - ash - Ashes to ashes, dust to dust - chalky - clean room - dredge - dust bunny - dust cloud - dust mite - dust mop - dustball - dustpan - dusty - fallout - nebula - pother - pulverize - rub down - sawdust - smut - sooty - vacuum cleaner bag.

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